Contemporary Screening Fencing Timber Battens (PSE)


These beautiful contemporary sanded and edged battens are the perfect start to building a stylish privacy screen or architectural fence installation. Light and easy to work with, our battens are available in multiple lengths.

Decking Delivery’s Softwood timber has been pressure treated to increase the strength, as well as helping to protect against rot, insect and fungal decay.

We supply these in 3 different sizes.

20mm x 45mm (2×1)

20mm x 70mm (3×1)

20mm x 95mm (4×1)


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If you are looking at constructing Fencing other products that will be of use are; 4×4 Fence Posts, Feather-edge boards, 6×1 Gravel Boards and Post-mix If this batten is not quite what you are looking for, Decking Delivery also offer Timber lengths in sizes of 4×2, 6×2, 7×2 and 8×2 Suitable for: softwood timber decking area or feather edge fence Features: 

  • Softwood Timber is pressure treated to ensure a lifespan of up to 15 years (Apart from Larch and Douglas Fir)
  • Creates an effective barrier to infestation by insects and fungus
  • Excellent quality finish
  • Easy to work with
  • Versatile and durable

Additional information


1.8m (20mm x 45mm), 2.4m (20mm x 45mm, 3.0m (20mm x 45mm, 3.6m (20mm x 45mm), 4.8m (20mm x 45mm), 3.6m (20mm x 95mm), 4.8m (20mm x 95mm), 3.6m (20mm x 145mm), 4.8m (20mm x 145mm), 5.1m (20mm x 45mm), 5.1m (20mm x 70mm), 4.2m (10mm x 42mm), 3.6m (20mm x 145mm), 3.9m (20mm x 95mm), 0.6m (20mm x 45mm), 0.9m (20mm x 45mm), 1.2m (20mm x 45mm), 1.5m (20mm x 45mm), 0.3m (20mm x 45mm), 1.8m (20mm x 70mm), 2.4m (20mm x 70mm), 3.0m (20mm x 70mm), 3.6m (20mm x 70mm), 5.1m (10mm x 42mm), 2.4m (20mm x 95mm), 3.0m (20mm x 95mm), 3.6m (20mm x 95mm), 3.6m (10mm x 42mm), 4.8m (10mm x 42mm), 25mm x 50mm x 2.4m Larch, 25mm x 50mm x 2.4m Douglas Fir


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