6×1 Gravel boards


Resilient and durable, Decking Delivery’s Gravel Boards are the perfect foundation to your fencing. Used as the protective barrier between the ground and your fencing, preventing rot and decay.

Decking Delivery’s 6×1 gravel boards can also be used to enhance a buildings exterior. This is often called Yorkshire Boarding, a great use of exterior cladding to enhance a buildings look!

6×1 Gravel boards

Use with Decking Delivery's other products; 4x4 Fence Posts, 4x2 Timber Lengths, Feather-edge Fencing and Post-mix to build your own fence with ease!

Decking Delivery's Gravel Boards are available in 3 different variations:

  • 2.4 metres x 22mm x 150mm
  • 3.6 metres x 22mm x 150mm
  • 4.8 metres x 22mm x 150mm


  • Easy to replace
  • Provide extra protection to your fencing¬†from rot and decay
  • High quality timber
  • Pressure treated to provide additional strength (Apart form Larch and Douglas Fir)
  • Increases the height of your fencing for¬†extra privacy

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