Oak Hardwood Railway Sleepers


Oak Timber hardwood railway sleepers.

Perfectly suited for use with Decking Delivery’s Stainless Steel Timber Sleeper Screws. 

DELIVERY NOTE – Due to the high weight of oak sleepers, These are strictly curb-side delivery only, please ensure you are able to move them yourselves once delivered.

We can cut your sleepers, Please pay for the amount of cuts needed and add the details to your customer nots at the end. for example, If we get any confusion we will phone you.
– We CANNNOT 120mm x 240mm or reclaimed – Once a sleeper is cut we cannot refund


Please note these are none refundable sleepers, if you would like to come and view first and choose you are very welcome.

Oak Hardwood Railway Sleepers

  • 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m

Add character and warmth to any space with Decking Delivery's beautiful hardwood railway sleepers. Incredibly versatile timber sleepers have a huge range of uses, both practical and decorative.

Please note that oak sleepers can be varied including cracks and imperfections.

As a natural product each Oak Hardwood timber sleeper is unique which means that there may be variations. This can result in varying lengths, widths and depths of up to 5%.

These multi-purpose sleepers are easy to work with to create steps, pathways, retaining walls or even a raised terrace areas.

Our Oak Hardwood sleepers provide a robust feature when used with our softwood decking or in general landscaping.

If you would like any more information about our timber railway sleepers, please call 0117 251 0092 or use the details at the top of this page to speak to the Decking Delivery Sales Team!

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