Weed Control Fabric / Membrane


  • 100gsm Woven Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric
  • Allows water to drain through, Whilst still offering outstanding weed suppression ( see comparison below )Robust PP offering tear and puncture resistance
  • Can handle pedestrian and vehicular traffic, so perfect for under driveways, Gravel paths etc

Tough Weed Control that can be used:

  • Under decking
  • Garden paths, Scree gardens
  • Under block paving
  • Aggregate drives, Car parking areas
  • Under plastic grid paviors,
  • Under shed bases
  • Patios
  • Tennis and sports courts
  • Nursery poly tunnels
  • Flower beds
  • Vegetable and fruit gardens

Ground Cover Membranes consist of tightly woven polypropylene threads and are UV resistant which guarantees a long product lifespan.

The membranes are permeable for water and air, but reliably block weed growth without the need for chemicals.

They are used in gardens and nurseries or for general landscaping. Ground cover membranes can also be used underneath paths and driveways as a means of stabilising the ground while preventing weed growth at the same time.

Our ground cover membranes can be used by themselves or you can cover them with mulch, gravel or stones.

They are usually black with green planting lines, but we also produce white ones which are especially suitable for the use on fruit plantations. The material reflects sunlight which ensures that fruit ripens evenly on all sides.

Weed Control Fabric / Membrane

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