4 Way Weather Gate Posts


Build your own gateway at a lower cost with Decking Delivery’s high quality 4 Way Weather Gate Posts.

Use with Decking Delivery’s other products; Feather-Edge Fencing Boards, 4×2 Timber Lengths, 6×1 Gravel Boards and Post-mix to build your own fence with ease!

4 Way Weather Gate Posts

Decking Delivery's 4 Way Weather Gate Posts are available in 4 size & 1 height

  • 5x5 - 125mm x 125mm
  • 6x6 - 150mm x 150mm
  • 7x7 - 175mm x 175mm
  • 8x8 - 200mm x 200mm


  • Versatile & durable
  • Pressure treated to protect against damp, rot and decay
  • Life span of up to 15 years
  • High quality timber
  • Great finish

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