Graded Timber

At Decking Delivery, we take our timber supplies very seriously. That includes our high quality graded timber.

Over time, we have become known in Bristol and surrounding areas as the leading supplier of high quality graded timber and other garden supplies. With our pressure treated and durable timber products, it’s no wonder that customers are choosing us for their garden projects.

Our graded timber supplies come in a variety of different lengths and widths, so you’ll never be short on options. If you’re unsure about what timber you require for your next project, do not hesitate to ask, we will be happy to help.

Take a look at what we have to offer below.

  • 2×2 Timber lengths

  • 3×2 Timber lengths

  • 4×2 Timber lengths

  • 4×3 Timber lengths

  • 6×3 Timber lengths

  • 7×3 Timber lengths

  • 8×3 Timber lengths

  • 9×3 Timber lengths

  • 5×2 Timber lengths

  • 6×2 Timber lengths

  • 7×2 Timber Lengths

  • 8×2 Timber Lengths

  • 10×2 Timber Lengths

  • 9×2 Timber Lengths

  • Scaffolding Boards


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