Timber Cladding

Discover the allure and resilience of high-quality timber cladding. Offering an exterior finish that embraces sustainability. As a renewable, reusable, and biodegradable resource with minimal embodied energy, timber cladding stands as an eco-conscious choice for builders in the UK.

At Decking Delivery, we bring our wealth of expertise to the forefront, guiding clients through material selection. Require help selecting your timber cladding? Contact our team today. Embrace the beauty of timber cladding while making a lasting, eco-friendly statement with our thoughtful guidance and superior solutions. Shop our range below.

  • Cedar Contemporary Fencing Timber Battens (PSE)

  • Contemporary Screening Fencing Timber Battens (PSE)

  • Shadow Gap / Hidden Nail Cladding

  • Ship Lap Boards / Cladding

  • T&G Match Boards / Cladding

  • Log Lap Boards / Cladding

  • 8×1 Gravel boards

  • Heavy Duty Feather edge Cladding

  • Waney Edge / Live Edge Cladding

  • 6×1 Gravel boards

  • 4×1 Gravel boards


What type of timber cladding do we stock?

We have curated a comprehensive selection of premium timber cladding options to suit every style and project. Our stocked timber cladding encompasses a wide array of choices, including the likes of:

  • Contemporary timber cladding
  • Log lap boards
  • Gravel boards
  • Live edge cladding
  • Cedar cladding
  • Ship lap boards


Due to the nature of our business, this stock can often rotate and include new products. Explore our collection and find the perfect timber cladding you need for your project above.

Timber Cladding Delivery

Experience peace of mind with our swift and reliable timer cladding delivery service, ensuring your order reaches you within just 5 working days from the date of purchase from our Bristol based headquarters.

As soon as your delivery is scheduled, expect a prompt notification via email and text message the night before, providing you with a convenient 2-hour delivery window. We prioritise your satisfaction and convenience, making your shopping experience seamless and worry-free.

Say goodbye to long waits and uncertainty and let us bring your desired products right to your doorstep with efficiency and precision. You can find out more information about our shipping and delivery rates here.


Any questions about our Cladding Timber?

Needs to know anything about our cladding timber? We’re here to answer any questions that you have. Reach out to our team via our Contact Page.

Whether its about the different timber options on offer, installation advice or anything else, reach out to our dedicated team today.


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