Timber Treatment explained


We get asked this question daily, the answer is 90% yes! All of our softwood timber is treated (sleepers, fencing, posts, general carcassing timber, decking etc), but there are a handful of products that aren’t treated, namely our hardwood sleepers, hardwood posts and timber that is usually used inside, for example CLS. 

what do you treat your timber with?

One of the most popular products used to treat timber is Tanalith.

Tanalith water based preservative treatments extend the service life of your wood and help maintain its natural appearance. Timbers treated with Tanalith can be used with confidence in both above-ground and in-ground situations including construction, fencing, landscaping and engineering applications. Tanalith has been tried, tested and proven to effectively extend the service life of your wood and let you enjoy it for longer.

How this is applied is demonstrated on the video below.

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