I think most of us by now have experienced difficulty buying certain day to day products, and timber is no exception. There have been multiple factors affecting timber production and transport which has led to price increases and delivery delays.

We pride ourselves on keeping timber prices as low as we possibly can, and we have no intention to ever profiteer from shortages of supply. We can’t however give timber away (as much as we love you!) so sadly some of the increase in timber costs will be passed down to the buyer. We have tried our hardest to cut costs in the yard and we are absorbing as much of the price increases as we viably can, but until production, supply, delivery and demand levels return to normal, prices may seem a bit unsteady and stock levels abnormal.

We have doubled our stock checking efforts to make sure we are only selling what we have in the yard, if we have any supply concerns we will let you know straightaway.

As always, thank you for choosing Decking Delivery for your timber needs.

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