Multi Spar Gravel 6-10mm


Multicoloured mix of red, black, white and grey stones. Very distinctive and contemporary using a blend of bright stones to give a finish different to your normal gravels. Can be used to good effect on paths or ground cover where something bright and colourful is needed. Best laid 3-4cm deep. The actual size ranges between 6-12mm.

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Multi Spar Gravel 6-10mm

Easy to mix and use, Patchphalt cold-lay macadam is the ideal solution for patching driveways, roads and paths, straight from the bag. It provides a quick, cost-effective repair whether the need is temporary or permanent. Laid straight from the bag without heating, once laid it can be instantly trafficked causing minimal disruption.

Cold-Lay Macadam is extremely simple to use. No previous experience is required and no specialist tools or equipment are needed. The material is suitable for both base or surface course. One bag of Cold-Lay Macadam will cover approximately 0.4m at 30mm when compacted.

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