Decking Joists (93mm x 34mm)


Decking Delivery’s softwood timber economy decking joists are available in many different lengths –

  • 34mm x 93mm – 2.4m
  • 34mm x 93mm – 3.0m
  • 34mm x 93mm – 3.6m
  • 34mm x 93mm – 6.0m

Please note

  • They are not C16 or C24 graded.
  • Planned timber can have slightly different finishes up to 10%

Decking Joists (93mm x 34mm)

If you are looking at constructing Decking, other products that will be of use are; decking boards, 4x4 Fence Posts, timber and Post-mix

Decking Delivery's Softwood timber has been pressure treated to increase the strength, as well as helping to protect against rot, insect and fungal decay.


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