Decking Joist Tape HD Protect


Professional Decking Joist Tape

Protect your decking substructure with HD Protect joist flashing tape!

HD Protect is the ultimate self-adhesive decking tape, designed to protect timber joists from moisture and water rot, extending the life of your decking system. It features a super strong adhesive and membrane composition that is self-sealing to protect your wooden joists. By simply laying a strip of HD Protect along the top of your wooden joists, you will protect your wooden substructure and ensure it thrives in the harsh outdoor environment.

Superior Self-Sealing for Ultimate Performance

HD Protect utilises a super strong adhesive and membrane composition that is self-sealing, you can relax in comfort knowing that your deck structure will be completely protected.

  • protects your joists from moisture
  • creates a waterproof barrier
  • prevents rotting
  • oversized for extra coverage
  • clean and easy to apply
  • extends the life of timber joists

Easy to Apply

HD Protects quick and easy self-stick application is low tack and high bond.

  • Apply the tape to the top of the timber joists
  • Use firm pressure to ensure adequate adhesion
  • Relax, knowing your joist system is protected

Complete Protection

When you invest in high-quality new decking, it’s designed to last a lifetime, so it’s essential that your substructure lasts just as long. HD Protect can ensure your deck’s substructure retains its integrity and strength so you can confidently enjoy your deck for years to come.

  • Prevents moisture penetration of joists
  • Protects timber from rot
  • Prevents loosening of screws and fasteners
  • Extends the life of the deck’s substructure

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Decking Joist Tape HD Protect

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