Chestnut Hardwood Railway Sleepers


An affordable attractive Spanish hardwood Chestnut railway sleeper. An ideal alternative to oak whilst not being that more costly than softwood. Spanish Chestnut is a dense and strong wood, they will last for many years with very little maintenance. Being untreated they are ideal for creating raised vegetable beds.

Please note that Chestnut sleepers can be varied including cracks and imperfections.

Please read the notes below before purchasing.

Perfectly suited for use with Decking Delivery’s Stainless Steel Timber Sleeper Screws. 


Chestnut Hardwood Railway Sleepers

  • 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m (please allow for 7.5% size variation)

PLEASE NOTE - A few species of hardwood are susceptible to black staining when in contact with iron. During the milling and delivery process this happens regularly so black staining is very common and will be present on our Spanish and Eucalyptus sleepers. Can iron stain be removed? Yes, generally sanding down the timber will remove the black staining, but for heavy staining you can use Oxalic acid (iron stain remover) which reacts with the iron stain to form a colourless chemical.

Add character and warmth to any space with Decking Delivery's beautiful hardwood railway sleepers. Incredibly versatile timber sleepers have a huge range of uses, both practical and decorative.

Being untreated they are ideal for creating raised vegetable beds.

These multi-purpose sleepers are easy to work with to create steps, pathways, retaining walls or even a raised terrace areas.

If you would like any more information about our timber railway sleepers, please call 0117 251 0092 or use the details at the top of this page to speak to the Decking Delivery Sales Team!

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