1 Metre Long Earth Rod


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Coated and hardened steel with unique clamp desiged for easier installation and removal. Without a good earth system your animals will only receive a mild shock, or no shock at all. For an electric fence to work the electric current must find its way back to the energiser which can only happen when something touches the fence. This enables the current to flow to the earth and back to the earth stake of the energiser. You can test the effectiveness of your earth with a voltmeter – Put the live terminal onto the earth stake and the negative prod into the ground – if you get a reading of more than 300v then your earth system is inadequate. You’ll need a longer earth stake and/or additional stakes. When adding earth stakes there must be at least a 3m gap between each stake.
Earth stakes must be installed in moist ground
Must be at least 15m away from domestic earth installations
Higher powered energisers and longer fences need a better earth connection. As a rule of thumb ensure you have 1m of earth rod for each joule of energy – so if you have a 2 joule energiser you will need 2 x 2m earth stakes
Multiple earth stakes must be placed at least 3m apart and connected with insulated leadout cable.
You must have less than 300v on the earth stake for it to be effective.


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