Have you ever wondered what handsome faces sit behind the phone, well, wonder no more!

We are lucky to have an amazing team at Decking Delivery, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without them and we are super grateful for all their hard work.

Feel free to come by for a free coffee and meet us at your leisure.


Rob is in charge of sourcing stock and maintaining relationships with the many suppliers we work with. Timber prices are fairly unstable, and finding the best price whilst meeting our high quality standards is a tough challenge which keeps Rob on his toes.

A busy family man of three children and keen car enthusiast, Rob has little time for much else!


Ben is a co-founder of Decking Delivery. If something isn’t working, Ben will always fix it! Ben keeps the yard in shape and also heads up the grab hire arm of the company.

When Ben isn’t busy repairing an old tractor, he’s lost in smoke grilling a hunk of meat on his Louisiana smoker!


If you’ve ever picked up the phone and called Decking Delivery, you’ve more than likely spoken to Toby! Heading up the sales team and in is own words “keeping the show on the road”, Toby oversees the office, the website (yes, I write all these silly bio’s!), amongst many other things, in other words, he’s the big chief!

When not at work (which is hardly ever!) Toby is a keen classic car enthusiast and family man to two exhausting boys.


With years of practical landscaping experience on his side, this valuable knowledge helps to ensure you’re using the right product for your project.

A keen footballer Liam is father to a young budding Messi! 


Nicknamed The Tower (yes, he’s very very tall!) Tom has joined us from the construction industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and to our customers.

A keen footballer (can’t remember what team he plays for but he wanted me to mention they won a major cup recently…..), I want to say Tom has lots of exciting hobbies but from canteen chatter all I hear is they involve vast amounts of drinking! Oh the youth….


Crunching numbers and dub step, an unlikely marriage but thats how Dave rolls! 

Keeping our suppliers and staff paid is his priority but also making sure the tea boy doesnt spend too much on biscuits, it’s a tough gig.


Dave has been with us for over 4 years and is an ox of a man, that boy can shift some timber!

When not slinging an oak sleeper under his arm Dave is a keen Land Rover enthusiast, you can’t keep him away from a vintage car show and a drop of cider, oooaaahhh!


A keen family man Luke has recently joined our team. If you have recently bought a fence panel or gate, likelihood it was made by his fair hands! Luke has worked in the timber industry since he left school 20 odd years ago!


Heading up our rapidly expanding carpentry division is Paul. Formerly a joinery workshop manager his 30 years of experience ensures the gate, shed, store, trellis (list goes on!) that you receive will be well made and last. When not wielding a saw Paul can be found in a shed on the side of a welsh hill, far away from the madding crowd.


Every yard needs a decent tea maker, and Richard rises to this role with great enthusiasm. Hold up an empty hand and a shiny chocolate biscuit will promptly appear upon it.

Richard’s nickname is Nigel Mansell, unsure whether referring to his dashing looks or how he drives round corners on two wheels!


The baby of the decking delivery family, Charlie joined us a few years ago as a yard hand and has moved on to be a delivery driver. Currently sporting a dodgy 80’s  moustache and we can see the beginnings of a fine mullet coming through! Charlie loves his cars which he seems to change monthly!

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